Unreachable Star


The moment I saw you first,
you took my breath away.

You are like the star
that I cannot touch.
Still, I wish to
touch this star which
glimmers, oh so bright!

You outshine other stars
in the sky.
I can’t reach you,
because I’m too shy.

It makes me happy,
to see you from afar.
You’ll always be my unreachable star.




Lee Hong Ki’s solo debut track “Insensible”

Having debuted with FTISLAND in 2007, “Insensible” is Lee Hong Ki’s first solo album. His new music video for “Insensible,” the title track from his album FM302, is now out, featuring Hong Ki’s trademark vocals and intensity. Even better, his You’re Beautiful co-star and close friend Park Shin Hye joins him in the emotional music video, where they play once close, yet troubled lovers.



I love the whole mini album. Really shows off Hong Ki’s extreme talent with the diversity of music on the album. Every song moves the listener as we have come to expect! Fighting!



Lee Hong Ki talked about his kiss scene with Park Shin Hye in his recent “Insensible” music video.

During the singer’s solo debut showcase on November 18, he started off saying, “I acted with Park Shin Hye. We became best friends after getting to know each other in the drama ‘You’re Beautiful. I talked with Shin Hye on the phone yesterday. She told me [the music video] came out pretty. I asked her, ‘You think you outshined me?’ Then she said, ‘I’m not sure.’ It’s up to the viewers to tell.”

Lee Hong Ki went on to address the kiss scene, saying, “Originally, Shin Hye is supposed to be giving me a kiss. But I knew that she was going to make fun of me for about 100 years if I let her, so I kissed her instead. We both laughed so much,” and smiled.










Korean Celebs send their condolences to the victims of Paris Attack

France is under the state of emergency after a series of deadly terrorist attacks inflicted carnage and chaos at popular spot across Paris, Korean Celebrities have begun to send their heartfelt condolences to the victims of Paris attack.

A coordinated terrorist attack occurred on Friday, November 13th beginning at 9. 20 pm local time in Paris, France, hitting several areas (6 or 7) across the city including a theater (Bataclan), the State-de-France, and two restaurants (Rue Bichat; Le Petit Cambodge) one of which was Cambodian. Terrorists are reported to have been strapped with AK-47s and bombs.

Already deeply shaken by terrorist attacks in January, Paris was plunged into panic and confusion on an even greater scale amid Friday’s assaults in which more than 125 people were killed. France have already closed its borders to prevent additional attackers to enter.

Korean celebrities have send their thoughts and prayers through their personal SNS account;




2PM’s Junho



Rainbow’s Seungah

Super Junior’s Yesung

Super Junior’s Siwon

4minute’s Jiyoon

Few other celebrities send their heartfelt thoughts and prayers through Instagram:




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Former Jewelry member Baby J

SECRET’s Song Ji Eun

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#prayforparis 🙏

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Jinusean’s SEAN

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Tiny-G’s Mint

SECRET’s Hyosung

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Son Dam Bi

Miss A’s Jia

P.S Our hearts & prayers go out to the people of France.

Credits: CNN


10080 : EXO Fanfic REVIEW

Few days ago, when I logged into Facebook. The first post I saw was “5 EXO FANFICS TO READ ON WATTPAD”. It piqued my interest and I decided to give it a shot. Fanfic I chose to read was 10080. This is the first EXO fanfic I read. Someone said that this one is ’emotional and heartbreaking story’.

Initially I thought it was a normal cliche story, but it actually is boyxboy one-shot story. It’s a BAEKYEOL story (FYI, Baekhyun & Chanyeol ). Every EXO fans must have heard of this story and there was much hype about it too on facebook.

Finally I read it on wattpad. I finished this story in one hour and then re-read it again. Let me tell you, it’s one of the most heartbreaking story I ever read. Other fanfic which made me cry like a baby was 99 DAYS WITHOUT YOU (Larry Stylinson Fanfic). After that story, this story had me in tears. Interesting part in this story is the use of Binary Codes.

This story tell readers that how it is hard for one person when his soulmate fell out of love. Falling out of Love is worst. Baekhyun, a writer and ChanYeol, a businessman fell in love despite their difference. The opposite attracts;  Baekhyun likes impossible situation and fantasies, Chanyeol, on the other hand, prefers practicality and realism over fantasy. They got married but what happened after one fell out of love.

7 months of dating,
2 years of making love,
1 year of fate changing…..

10080 minutes of pretending

Just check this story out and believe me, it won’t disappoint you. It is so sad but it is a story worth reading, just ready your tissue for the tears that will come. It’ll bring so many emotions at the same time. Read it while listening to this song:

P.S  If you want to read it, just click the hyperlink : 10080 by EXOBubz.


Seohyun’s 1st film and with Chanyeol, too???

Girl’s Generation SeoHyun will makes her big acting debut in the upcoming Chinese movie So I Married An Anti-Fan, with acting as a lead is none other than EXO’s Chanyeol.

According to the multiple entertainment insiders, she has been confirmed to act in the upcoming film, which also stars Chanyeol and Chinese Actress Yuan Shan Shan.

According to the reports, filming for the Chinese movie has already begun as of November 3 in Shanghai. On November 2, the Girls’ Generation member was spotted leaving for Shanghai to participate in the first filming held on the following day.

So I Married An Anti-Fan is a film based on a webtoon of the same name written by Jiwan, and tells the love story of a top celebrity falling in love with a journalist who is his anti-fan.

Apart from having a minor role in the drama Passionate Love in 2013, she have already proven her talent through musicals like  Gone With The Wind, Moon Embracing the Sun, and Mamma Mia!

Congratulation to Girl’s Generation Maknae, SeoHyun. FIGHTING!!!


Korean student gone viral for her amazing voice.

I am just blown away by this incredible cover of Adele’s “HELLO” by Yejin Lee, who by description given on the video, is a Seoul High School Student. This cover is posted on Youtube account: 일반인들의 소름돋는 라이브

I have already listened to many youtubers cover this song, and this one gives me goosebumps. She perfectly manages to capture Adele’s haunting voice. The most interesting thing about this video is that it was posted a day ago and it already have more than 800,000+ views.

Sign this girl ASAP. YG.!!!


Reunion of Park Shin Hye and Lee Hong Ki!!

You’re beautiful fans, a good news for you!!! Hallyu actress Park Shin Hye and Lee Hong Ki soon will be reuniting for his solo debut music video. After 6 years, they will be again act on the same screen. This upcoming video and Hong Ki’s solo albumn will be released in mid-November. They still remained good friends ever since filming in You’re Beautiful.

They reportedly will be starring as couple in Hong Ki’s solo MV. Fans are really excited to see them again on-screen. It sounds like our cheerful Jeremy oppa may finally get his happy ending with Min-Nyeo!! FIGHTING!!


When heartbreak change you into a successful women…

This will keep me motivated


Couple of months ago or perhaps years I’ve experience the feeling of a heart break from a person I love and trust, perhaps every human being been through this entire situation. I’ve tried to search for answers, reading books, advices and nothing could really heal this painful feeling of confusing, not understanding why especially in my situation when somebody you purely love and trust, just easily lied and leave you without any explanations. You keep thinking what have I done wrong? What happen…its an awful feeling and yes it requires a long process of recovery especially in trust and in building a new relationship.

Most people start blaming themselves, asking what went wrong and try to fix the broken pieces thinking it will all be okay, when its not.  Relationship varies; good people met good people but what if good people met the wrong once? This is what you should…

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Guide to deal with Stupid People

The problem with educating stupid people was that they didn’t know they were stupid. The same went for curing crazy people.
― Chuck Palahniuk, Phoenix

Meaning of Stupid:

annoying or irritating; troublesome

Dumb, ignorant, not being smart.

Who are these Stupid People:

Simple af. They are the idiots and morons who emotionally combat you at every turn.
They are not your mentors, your coaches, or concerned friends/ lover and advocates.
No. These people are different than that.
When you decide to invest in your own mental and physical betterment, they make it their mission to “bring you back to reality”. They are the masters of the “that’ll never work” and “we’ll see how long that lasts”.

What I’m implying by stupid is hardly a low-level IQ. “Stupid” as used here refers to a mean-spirited, uneducated, extremely arrogant person with a tendency to make preposterous assumptions and value-judgments and with incurable inferiority complex. Also, their another, defensive, so to speak, tendency is to raise their voice if countered by any counter-arguments. I’m sure you’ve met such people before. I can’t get aggressive or physically violent (I just can’t do that, not that type of person); they won’t, don’t want to and can’t understand any valid objections that I raise in response to their stupid claims; if I put headphones on, it usually hinders them, but somehow they manage to involve me in their goddamn ” intellectual debates”.


Alas, there’s no cure for stupidity. Constantly surrounded by people like that can seriously reduce efficiency and increase the blood pressure. Few points (below) to handle stupid people:


  • Lower your standard
  • Expect less. It’s amazing how tolerant you can be when you don’t even anticipate the smallest of kindnesses.
    We are programmed to give others the benefit of the doubt. We tend to think that at the end of the day, others will do the right thing by us. That eventually the truth will win out over all that is evil.
    Stop thinking that (about stupid people). You’re setting yourself up for a swift shoe in the pants.
    Expect incessant ridicule, distorted emotional misrepresentation, and hyperbolic injustice.
    It’s powerful for you when you come mentally prepared.

  • Selectively engage them
  • Avoid controversy. It’s that easy.
    Whatever you do, do not debate with them. For them, the debate is the goal. They want you flustered, emotional, and confused. That makes them smile on the inside.
    So don’t let them win. Avoid topics that you know will turn into a pointless debate. Skip the “hot button” talks.
    Don’t put yourself in the emotionally unstable position of trying to persuade unpersuadable combatants.
    You will lose every time.
  • Ignore them completely
    Shut them out of your mind. Completely. Act as if they don’t exist.
    Don’t look at them, talk to them, or listen to anything they have to say.
    The truth is that they probably have some great things to say. Between the pettiness and general nonsense that they spew at you, there is truth and some quiet brilliance.
    Here’s why it doesn’t matter. You’re not going to hear it anyway. The pain from their hate clouds any value that they could actually provide.
    So ignore them while you heal.
  • Do not respond.
  • Stupid people take lack of response as weakness, and pile on. And being the stupid people they are they generally expose a flank in their arguments pretty quickly. When you sense that there is a way where you can attack them in a logical manner that they cannot refute (trust me, it will come), after then, wait some more. Now. The easy part.

Focus on that point, and slum them all over the place. Use that point to disprove all other              points. Underhanded tactic, yes, but the only way to shut up stupid people.

Last but not least:

One great method I have been using lately would be to constantly remind myself that whilst I cannot control their thoughts or actions, I can control my own. Then it becomes clear that it is ultimately pointless to get rifed up by these people and helps one to be more tolerant/loving.


Sexiest Prison Inmate ever: Stella Carlin aka Ruby Rose


Dramedy Diva

I wonder how it feel likes to be Ruby Rose right now. Knowing that every gay, straight, girl, boy, animal, sack, paper, LEGO wants to bang you.

It’s only a matter of time before YouTube will be filled with Ruby Rose makeup video’s, cause who doesn’t wanna recreate those amazing cheekbones and lush lips? This Youtube make-up guru Kandee Johnson loves Litchfield’s newest inmate just as much as I do.

In her most recent video, the makeup artist took on her subscribers’ challenge to transform herself into Australian actress and “Orange Is The New Black” newbie, Ruby Rose aka The New Mr. Steal Yo girl. (Major girl crush right now 😍 #RubyRose #crushing #hot #OITNB )

In less than two minutes,  the 36-year-old shows all her steps to becoming Rose’s character, Stella Carlin. From her eyebrows to her lips, everything about her transformation is on point. Kandee also added a tattoo…

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